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Feds: Guns bought on 'dark web' posing security threat in 2018

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A covert operation by the federal government finds--buying illegal firearms on the dark web--is easier than first thought.     

The new report--in the wake of a series of mass shootings--comes on the heels of a CBS46 probe, showcasing the problem in Atlanta.

With legitimate gun sellers unwilling to sell to prohibited buyers., those seeking automatic weapons are going dark, the government audit found.

It details a frightening ATF agent sting. The feds were able to purchase an AR5 and a fully automatic Uzi--anonymously on the dark web---no background check required.

The dark web, requiring special software, is an often hidden black market for everything from guns to sex and drugs. And its a new challenge for law enforcement to track the bad guys who are purchasing these weapons with the intent of not getting caught--and their intentions unknown.

Just last year CBS46 uncovered an Atlanta based gun smuggling scheme that took place on the dark web. The indicted criminals---sending guns to countries with much stricter gun laws.

The feds--in their recent investigation found those buying weapons illegally and online usually pick up the goods in person, avoiding licensed sellers. Meaning authorities have no idea just how many folks have taken advantage of the loophole.  
So far the feds have not stated a solution to solving this problem. So until then--the threat continues.

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