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Credit due

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There seems to be no limit to the silly stuff President Donald Trump says and tweets but one thing is for sure sometimes his bombastic behavior leads to some positive results.  Take for example the relationship with North Korean leader, Kim Jon Un.  Un fires off long range rockets for months despite warnings and Trump calls this fanatic “rocket man”.  Shocked lawmakers and world leaders call for calm and diplomacy. Trump doubles down calling the North Korean dictator “little rocket man.”

Kim Jon Un threatens he has his finger on the button, alluding to an attack and the president fires back saying his “button” is bigger.  Tensions seem to be at a fever pitch and then you see headlines like the ones bubbling up right now. “North and South Korea to march under same flag at Winter Olympics in Diplomatic Breakthrough.” It is now official, both sides are agreeing to form a joint women’s hockey team and march under the same flag for a parade at next month’s Winter Olympics.

Officials from both sides hope the games, held only fifty miles south of the Demilitarized Zone, will ease tensions.

Staring down pressures over the North’s weapons program, Seoul has continued to proclaim the event a “Peace Olympics.”  The North has been slapped with multiple U.S. led sanctions by the UN Security Council. These talks between North and South Korea are a noticeable improvement to relations even from a few short weeks ago.

Trumps critics argue he had very little to do with the changing climate on the divided peninsula but you only need to hear the words of South Korean President Moon Jae-in to know that is simply not true. When reporters asked Moon if Trump deserved credit for the improving relations Moon smiled saying the U.S. President did “a-lot” and that he conveys his thanks.

A North Korean delegation is planning to visit the South next week to look over the facilities at the Games venues. We can only hope the visit is just the beginning of a better and more peaceful relationship between these neighbors and our world.

I’m Joyce Oscar