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School employee helps homeless man shivering in the cold

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Marcus Taylor had the day off with schools across metro Atlanta closed yesterday. He was in the car with his fiance when he had a chance encounter with a homeless man and video of what happened has now been viewed on social media thousands of times. 

Inside a trash bag are gifts just purchased for a complete stranger. 

"He was holding a sign that said broke and hungry and I just wanted to figure out what was going on with him because it was like negative degree weather, it was freezing," said Demarcus Taylor.

Teacher's aide Demarcus Taylor and his fiance Kiara Freeman just couldn't keep driving once they spotted the man shivering on the I-20 Moreland Avenue off ramp. 

"I motioned to him meet me across the street at a gas station," said Taylor.

Taylor told the man he would buy anything he wanted. 

"He was like I'm not even that hungry I'm just freezing like no gloves he just had on a tan jacket and some jeans," said Taylor.

Taylor paid for a coke and candy for the stranger and walked away. 

"I walked back to the car with her and it just wasn't enough I only paid $3, it just wasn't enough," said Taylor.

So the couple drove back. 

"She rolled down the window and said what do you need? What do you need most importantly? He said gloves," said Taylor.

The couple drove up the road to Target and returned with more than just gloves. They also bought a jacket, knit cap, and two $50 gift cards for a hotel so he cold get out of the cold. 

"Honestly his reaction was just priceless and I have been thinking about it ever since," said Taylor. "You give yourself purpose in life."

The couple currently saving for a wedding but say it was well worth it. 

"Hey, if we have to sacrifice a little bit going toward our wedding (a little bit of savings going towards our wedding the reason) it is for a good cause."

In the video, a woman inspired by their generosity also decides to give. The couple hopes that video now being shared across social media will inspire anyone who sees it to give. 

"The video has like over 10 thousand views and i hope that is 10 thousand people that are just a little bit more aware," said Taylor. "At the end of the day we are all humans and we need to be able to do this for other people."

The couple says after their experience Wednesday they hope to start a non-profit to help other homeless people in Atlanta. 

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