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Women's March: Power to the polls

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Across the country and here in Atlanta, it was a show of solidarity as women and men marched in support of female empowerment and equality on January 21.

People gathered in an Atlanta Industrial Park to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Woman’s March.

Last year people swelled streets across the country protesting President Trump’s inauguration.

This year in Atlanta protesters encouraged others to take their power to the polls.

“The goal here today is to motivate people to vote. Get people to vote. To educate the community about issues that they feel passionate about.”

Michelle Andwele was with the group Marching Buddies Atlanta, and said their biggest issues are gerrymandering and redistricting.

“Black, white, latino, gay, straight, tall, short, we’re all Americans. We all care and this is a coalition of people who want to move our country forward in a more positive direction.”

Our country, that’s what Jarrod Tuttle spent thirty years fighting for.

“I’m committed to changing the seventh district and making it blue.”

The retired Air Force colonel attended the gathering to hear from congressional candidates in his voting district.

His main concern being healthcare.

“I think healthcare in Georgia is totally threatened. Regional hospitals are closing.”

To open up conversations, the event brought our everyone from congressmen to celebrities like Alyssa Milano.

The actress told the crowd of men and women that despite their differences there’s power in numbers, but only if they take that power to the polls.

“Right here is what democracy looks like,” said Milano.

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