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Homeowner fights with DeKalb County over drainage issue

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(Source: WGCL) (Source: WGCL)

For the past three months, Melissa Thackery and her neighbors have been up a creek without a paddle.

“I’ve poured a lot of money in this house and now you’ll come and you rip up my creek and leave it like this,” says Thackery.

Flood water damaged retaining walls next to the creek where they live on Francine Drive in DeKalb County. But workers walked away from the job when Thackery began to complain about the workmanship.

“I noticed that they were not properly backfilling with 57 stone, or using geotextile fabric, which is basic construction knowledge when you’re doing a segment or retaining wall, especially in a water application. I’ve been doing construction management for 10 years, I know what I’m talking about,” says Thackery.

It has been three months and nothing has been done. There’s a backhoe in her front yard, cement blocks littering the property and a porta-potty at the curb.

“The porta-potty they’ve had sitting out there, I’ve seen 1-800-toilets coming by about every month, emptying it out, although nobody has been here,” says Thackery.

“I just wish they would come out and do anything, something,” says homeowner Mark Baldwin. “Or just communicate. That would be helpful.”

So CBS46 contacted county officials and they sent a crew out to remove the equipment, but Thackery’s attorney told the county to leave it until they actually complete the job.

“How would they feel if somebody came onto their property and dumped their equipment and these big ugly blocks, and said this is what you get, take it or leave it,” says Thackery.

A spokesperson with DeKalb County released the following statement to CBS46:

“County attorneys are engaged in negotiations with the homeowner’s lawyer, Attorney Leah Zammit, about work to be performed at the homeowners’ property. At issue is the use of public dollars to repair privately-owned property.  The county has been advised that the homeowners have refused to allow the county access to retrieve the county-owned equipment.  We are hopeful for a successful resolution to this issue in the coming weeks.”

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