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Georgia adoption bill faces hurdles

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Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has made his voice heard on another issue at the State Capitol -- the state's adoption policy. He's commending the Senate for passing a bill to improve the system, but he warns he has concerns, and he's not the only one.

The Senate passed the bill, but Senator Nan Orrock says she agrees with the governor. She says the state's adoption policies definitely need updating, but she's not comfortable with all that's attached to the bill. 

"I agree with the governor that we need to get this done without confusing issues and trying to add other special interest bills onto the adoption bill," said Senator Orrock.

The Senator from District 36 told CBS46 that's why she voted against House Bill 159 that was passed by the Senate. That bill is supposed to make adopting a child in Georgia easier. 

Senator Orrock is concerned about another bill that has been attached. The bill's author -- Rep. Bert Reeves -- explains.

"The House Bill 359 that has been attached is a bill that deals with custodial transfer via power of attorney," said Rep. Reeves. "I can see where someone may say they are related, but they are really two different issues. That does not deal with adoption."

Senator Orrock's hoping the issue can be separated and passed for the sake of families and children in Georgia.

"We need to pass a clean adoption bill. Georgia is late to the game of modernizing our adoption system," said Senator Orrock.

Rep. Reeves is hoping to get the issue resolved and an agreement reached by both sides in the next couple of weeks. 

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