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Paulding Co. schools continues to deny it has a bullying problem

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For weeks, we've been reporting on complaints of a lack of response to reported racial bullying in Paulding County schools.

Officials, accused of playing favorites when it comes to helping the victims. We've learned that one student had her hair set on fire, and another is seeking counseling.

Even more shocking, when confronted by the CBS46 Bulldog today, the district said they hadn't heard one parent complaint.

We found, that just wasn't true.

The issue ballooned weeks ago, with a group of high school cheerleaders posting a video online with racial slurs, without apparent punishment.

Then, a flood of calls and emails to our newsroom regarding incidents of racial bullying in the district, that parents say has been going on for a while.

One high school student telling us, she has been called the N-word, a Monkey, and another student seeking counseling for the abuse she has recieved.

And just today, the district was the talk of drive time radio in Atlanta, with thousands listening, and the NAACP calling in with plans for a possible protest march.

You would think Superintendent Dr. Brian Otott would want to reassure parents.

We've spent weeks attempting to question him. Our reporters, like the parents we've spoken to, have largely been ignored.

Today, we decided it was time to see where he has been hiding. We visited district headquarters.

Within minutes, a spokeswoman came out and told us he wasn't available, and would have no comment. She also said, on camera, the district has not received any complaints from parents.

That appears to be a lie, or she is misinformed, as we obtained a joint letter from parents, and the response from the Superintendent. That response, did not appease the parents, nor did it address all their concerns.

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