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Drug resistant disease spreading from puppies to people

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The Centers for Disease Control is highlighting the responsible use of antibiotics to treat pets after an outbreak of a drug-resistant disease that's being spread from puppies to people.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 113 people became sick in 17 states, including four here in Georgia.

It took CDC officials a while to trace the source, but after interviewing all the different people who got sick from a rare disease called campylobacter, the CDC found all the patients had one thing in common: In the week before getting infected, somebody had contact with a puppy being sold in a Petland store.

Vicky Denton says the puppy that got her sick came from the Petland in Kennesaw, and the dog never showed any signs of being sick itself. Denton's one of four people in Georgia who the CDC identified during its study of this unusual outbreak.

"I had a very high fever, I was like delirious," said Denton.

Campylobacter is an illness that mostly causes discomfort, and only becomes life-threatening to people with pre-existing blood disorders.

Thankfully, no one died during this widespread series of infections, and more good news- the number of new illnesses are going down after peaking in October.

But as the heat dies down on the outbreak, it's turning up in court.

CBS46 News spoke to a lawyer in October, who now has a class action lawsuit against the store, accusing Petland of putting employees and customers at risk by selling puppies that are mass produced, and thereby, prone to infection.

We've reached out to Petland now that the CDC has finalized their conclusion but haven't had a response.

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