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Georgia Department of Labor: Unemployment sits at historic low

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According to the Department of Labor, Georgia's unemployment rate is 4.4 percent, sitting at a historic low. Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said unemployment has been on the decline since 2011. 

“If you take a look at the number of unemployed, it can fluctuate at any given time over the year and it's been hovering at a little over 200 thousand people for the last several months,” said Butler.

Butler said right now there are about 100 thousand job openings in Georgia. 

“We have more jobs in Georgia than we've ever had on the history of the state. We also have more people working now then we've ever had in the history of the state,” Butler.

But for those looking for work, the numbers mean nothing. 

Sylvester Rover said he's been looking for a month but so far, no leads. CBS46 asked him his thoughts on the president's claims that his policies have lowered black unemployment. 

“Tell him to turn around, look in the mirror and say ‘I lied,’” said Rover.

Of course not all of the jobs filled are high-paying. Rover said a friend of his had to settle.

“He's very, very smart and he's doing the cash register every day because he can't find no job,” said Rover.

Georgia's Department of Labor does not track unemployment by race. Commissioner Butler said he doesn't believe those numbers paint a fair picture.

“The problem with some of the numbers, especially when you talk about race numbers, they're out there but the accuracy is a little bit off and it has to do with the sample size.”

For those looking for work, CBS46 spoke with PIVIT U career coach Liddie Palumbo, who advises against applying online.

“If you go online, you just go to a portal that is there specifically to eliminate you,” she said.

Instead, she believes networking is your best bet. 

“If you read all the statistics, 80 percent of the jobs and careers are found through a network. Don't ask them for a job. Ask them to mentor you, ask them how did you get into the position that you're in.”

Palumbo also encourages job seekers to be active on LinkedIn and to take temp work in the interim. To learn more about Palumbo and PIVIT U, just visit

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