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After several surgeries, woman with brain tumor still can't communicate

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Erika Jones was seemingly healthy until this past October when she had a seizure driving home from work. She's been here at the Shepherd Center until just a few days ago.

Doctors sent her home saying she will never be the same person she once was.

CBS46 News recently visited Erika in therapy and at first glance, you may not see much wrong. But doctors say once she reached a hospital after that seizure in October, they discovered a tumor on her brain that had been growing for at least ten years.

It was the size of golf ball and had, in fact, shifted her brain. It was non-cancerous but her parents say it had grown into her brain and had wrapped around vessels. The doctor say the tumor would likely not have been discovered if it weren't for a routine physical.

Several surgeries later, Erika still can't communicate and she doesn't understand what's spoken to her.

As Erika's parents now care for their daughter at home, one of her doctors recently told us that it is likely she will never be able to hold a conversation with anyone and she does worry about Erika's parents long term.

At age 62 and 77 and with their own health problems, Erika's parents face the financial task of taking care of their daughter at home.

Doctors say it is very likely Erika will out live her parents so the future for them his very uncertain.

If you'd like to help out Erika with medical expenses, a GoFundMe page has been created on her behalf.

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