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Check forger tries to scam Oconee County Sheriff out of money

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fake check addressed to Oconee County Sheriff (WGCL) fake check addressed to Oconee County Sheriff (WGCL)

It's starting to be the oldest trick in the book, but enough people are apparently falling for it to keep the bad guys trying. But how's this for sloppy:

An envelope just showed up, Monday, at the Oconee County, Georgia Sheriff's Department, and inside, was a fake check for $1,930, written to Sheriff Scott Berry himself, as if he was just an ordinary mark.

"They're too stupid to know the difference," explained Sheriff Berry.

Anyone could have spent ten seconds looking up this address to figure out 1110 Experiment Station Road, Watkinsville, GA 30677 is the last address where they should be sending fake checks, and the last person who they should be alerting to their scam, but whoever sent the envelope couldn't be bothered with those details.

"Nobody should send you a check and tell you to send half of it back. If somebody does that, they're scamming you," said Sheriff Berry.

If that premise isn't suspicious enough, the Sheriff points out how he knew this check was a fake right away.

Sheriff Berry pointed out, "The check number is the same as the routing number, which should be this number right here. That should never match."

The sheriff says don't count on a bank teller to catch everything. You might find yourself depositing a check that clears temporarily, but will end up costing you later.

And as for the guy or gal who sent this check to the Sheriff, he is actively being tracked down.  So far, the bank on the check turned out to be real, but the account numbers, the return address, and the name on the account are all fake. If the Sheriff ever finds the scammer and brings them to court, he's going to be both law enforcer and victim at the same time.

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