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Better Call Harry: Driver calls Harry after getting watered-down gas

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Ever get a tank of bad gas?

We’re talking about the kind of bad gas that nearly ruins your engine. It happened to several drivers in Norcross who got more water than gas, one of them decided she’d Better Call Harry.

Every time Antoinette Coberly fills up her car, she things about what’s going in. She loves her 2009 Infinity, but over the summer a trip to a BP gas station in Norcross almost killed the car.

Remember when Hurricane Irma rolled through Atlanta? According to the state’s Department of Agriculture, minor flooding caused problems for dozens of gas stations. Water got into their tanks.

After Coberly filled up, she didn’t make it far.

“First thing that happened, it started shuttering and slowing down, and then every light on the panel on the display came on,” she said. “The car just quit. The brakes didn’t work, the steering didn’t work, the wheels were locked.”

We called the owners of the BP station, and they admit Coberly isn’t alone.

“Actually, this is not the only case we’re taking care of,” the owners said. “[Their] are other cases too.”

Watered-down gas isn’t cheap. The repair bill was nearly $1,400. Coberly hand delivered it to the station and never heard back.

The owners submitted Coberly’s bill to Maxum Specialty Insurance in Alpharetta. We got the agent on the phone, but not for very long.

Maxum eventually offered a $500 settlement. Not good enough for us, so we went to the state’s Dept. of agriculture.

Richard Lewis said Coberly should have immediately called the state’s 1-800 number. There’s a sticker on every pump.

“We will come out and do an inspection and provide the consumer with any reports that we generate,” he said.

By the time the state investigated, the problem was resolved. Maxum’s low-ball settlement offer was lame, so we went to BP corporate. It didn’t take long for a response.

If you fill up your car with bad gas, your first call after the tow truck needs to be to the state’s Dept. of Agriculture. The I’d file two claims, one with the station’s owner and another with the corporate franchise.

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