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Atlanta entertainment venue aids Puerto Rico

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The road to recovery is still a long one in Puerto Rico.

City Winery general manager William Baber recently returned from Puerto Rico, where more than a dozen of his employees helped rebuild farms in the central region of the country.

“A big problem is generator theft down there. So people don't have power. They haven't had a warm shower in four months,” said Baber. “Just the basic things that we take for granted. They're still unable to enjoy.”

It's been five months since Hurricane Maria ripped through the island killing at least 64 people and destroying thousands of homes and businesses.

“On one of the farms we were planning tropical trees, banana trees, passion fruit trees, on another farm we were planting coffee beans – another farm was digging ditches so the roads wouldn't evaporate with all the rain and everything,” he said. 

The entertainment venue also raised more than 160-thousand dollars to donate to people there and shipped hundreds of supplies including water, medical supplies, food and diapers. 

“One farm they said that what we had done would have taken them six weeks. On another farm they actually said six months which was surprising,” said marketing director, Jim Ethridge. 

But it wasn't all work. City Winery built a stage on one of the farms where local musicians performed.

“So we were able to dance and have wine with those farmers at night after a hard days work. It was incredibly rewarding,” Ethridge said. 

The winery is still accepting donations, if you're interested click here for more details.

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