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Vet waits 7 months for VA transfer

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Richard Palancio is a veteran battling endless health problems.

"Umm diabetes, bad leg, bad back shoulder. Heart problems. I've had open heart surgery."

His doctors are at Fort McPherson but with his bad leg he can no longer make the drive there from his Pine Lake neighborhood. For seven months he's been asking his doctor to transfer his records to the VA hospital in Atlanta.

"When I tell them that you know, hey look I need to go ahead and see a doctor. I can't drive that far, you know they play games."

Palancio was panicked because he's running out of re-fills on his life saving prescriptions.

"I'm at their mercy. It's very frustrating because I don't know what condition my heart is in right now...

Palancio said he submitted all the necessary paperwork. Last week he was told the transfer process hasn't even begun. But two hours after our interview with him Palancio got a call from the VA apologizing for the long wait.

The VA issued a statement to me saying they reached out to Palancio to resolve the issue but didn't say why it took so long.

Palancio is still frustrated though. He says he could've died in those several months without seeing a doctor. He's not expecting perfection from the VA just compassion.

"You know all we want is to be treated with a little respect. You know. Granted we're not going to get everything we need from the VA hospital but come something."

CBS46 asked the VA why it took so long to transfer the paperwork. They couldn't say.

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