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Report: Cars illegally using bike lanes as parking spots

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You'll find bike lanes on both sides of Edgewood Avenue in northeast Atlanta. The lanes are solely meant for those riding bicycles but they're being illegally used as parking spots for cars.
“We knew that it was happening,” said Bennett Foster with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. “Anyone with eyeballs can look in the street and see, oh, cars are blocking the bike lane.”
Between May 2016 and June 2017, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition launched a campaign where members documented whenever cars parked or stopped in bike lanes. The findings have just been released.

In total, 50 members documented 652 incidents on 22 streets. 

“We didn't know the frequency, the brazenness and sometimes the obliviousness of the people who are doing it,” Foster said.

At Edgewood and Boulevard, there were 87 offenses and according to the report, six cars into bike crashes. 
“This stretch especially is pretty bad,” said Alyssa Bells. “It's just hard when you're coming down the hill especially, to try to get out of the way or out of the bike lane. You have to go into traffic to pass the truck.”

CBS46 witnessed three commercial trucks using the bike lanes as a spot to load and unload.

“We need to explore ways such as delivery zones, designated delivery times when we know that the peak hours for commuting, especially on bikes, are low,” Foster said.

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