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Lawmakers to debate school zone cameras

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At the eleventh hour, prominent state lawmakers decided in committee Tuesday to take up the issue of placing cameras in school zones where speeding is an issue.

"It’s an important bill for safety and school zones and with the entire school atmosphere anything we can do to make it safer is something we need to consider," said Senator Jeff Mullis\(R) District 53.

Legislators will debate the measure on the Senate floor Wednesday and decide if local governments can install cameras in zones where speeding puts lives in danger. 

"I feel like it should be done for the safety of our children because these speeders are killing people and they want to say that they are sorry," said metro Atlanta resident Valerie Phipps Jewell.

As it stands now, the cameras would take a photograph of your license plate if you are driving too fast resulting in a hefty fine.

"I’m in favor of anything that would help stop the problem," said metro Atlanta resident Jerry Henry.

Jerry Henry and other metro residents CBS46 spoke with are in favor of the idea and believe the cameras could potentially save lives.

"There’s an awful lot of people who run through them all the time so somebody needs to do something," said Henry. "I don’t know that cameras will stop people coming through, but a $350 fine should."
"I want them to alleviate the speeding in the school zones where they are killing innocent children who have not lived their lives," said Jewell.

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