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Watch: Suspect hides cocaine inside police station ceiling

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(KETV/Meredith) - One Nebraska man's time in a police interrogation room was quite eventful. Last October, Thomas Hartman claimed he was the victim of a robbery, but detectives quickly dispelled his claim and Hartman admitted he made it up.

At the same time, Hartman’s girlfriend was talking to cops in the next room, Hartman started yelling to her through the wall.

"Babe, babe!" Hartman shouted.

"I think they're going to take me to jail, go get that money and bond me out!" Harman added.

Then, Hartman seen on video, stands on a chair and puts his hands in the ceiling. Police caught him in the act, thinking he was trying to escape.

It turns out, authorities said he was trying to hide cocaine which fell out of the ceiling and was later found.

Hartman's antics ended up landing him nine months probation for drug possession the incident happened last October, but prosecutors have only recently released the video.

Hartman was sentenced to a nine-month probation for drug possession.

He is currently held at a state diagnostic and evaluation center on drug and terrorist threat charges.