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Police: Parents tried to stage Maine girl’s death

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(WGME) Julio Carrillo and Sharon Kennedy (WGME) Julio Carrillo and Sharon Kennedy

(WGME/Meredith) - Maine state police said it was inside a Stockton Springs condo where 10-year-old Marissa Kennedy underwent months of brutal abuse at the hands of her mother and stepfather, before her murder.

Court records alleged her mother, Sharon, and stepfather, Julio Carrillo beat her almost every day for months, forcing her to kneel on a tile floor and raise her hands above her head while they struck her in the chest to punish her.

The documents also alleged Marissa was locked in a closet as another form of "punishment."

"That document speaks for itself. We feel the parents are responsible for the child's death and that's why the charges have been lodged against them," said Officer Steve McCausland, Maine state police.

Neighbors said that the family was rarely seen after they moved in last September.

But court paperwork showed that the couple had a history of domestic violence and were seen fighting in their driveway.

After police were called to the home Sunday, documents alleged the couple lied to police and set up their basement to make it look like Marissa had died from an accident.

But both her mother and stepfather later confessed that Marissa was so badly beaten, she could barely walk and her speech was slurred in the days leading up to her death.