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Lt. Governor doubles down on Delta, NRA spat; controversial adoption bill threatens Ga. film industry

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Could Atlanta’s hometown airline really pack up and fly away?

If Delta decides to leave the city, so would tens of thousands of jobs. It’s still too early to say, and it really depends on what happens in the capitol, and who, if anyone, decides to back down.

Lieutenant Gov. Casey Cagle is digging in his heels.

“There is no room for negotiation on where I stand,” he said.

Cagle is threatening to kill a tax bill that favors Delta. It’s retaliation for the airline’s decision to cease discounts for NRA members.

“I take the position of Warren Buffet,” Cagle said. “Your personal views shouldn’t interfere in business.”

Other states are seizing on the rift, trying to lure Delta to a new state.

The state of Virginia tweeted “You’re welcome here any time.” New York said “Move your HQ to where you are appreciated.” Even Birmingham’s mayor got in on the action, tweeting at Delta, “Let’s Chat!”

“You don’t have people just coming and telling you everything they want, and then you bend over and say ‘We’re going to give you the farm,’” Cagle said.

Another controversy under the Golden Dome threatens the film industry. The “Keep Faith in Adoption” Act would make it legal for faith-based adoption agencies to bar same-sex couples from adopting.

Some in Hollywood are calling for a boycott of Georgia if the bill passes.

Showrunner Ben Wexler tweeted that if the measure passes, “Let’s be done filming television shows in Georgia.” “West Wing” actor Bradley Whitford echoed those sentiments, saying, “We shouldn’t be pouring millions of dollars into a state that codifies hate.”

This could be bad business for Georgia now and in the long run. The “Keep Faith in Adoption” bill passed the Senate and is now in the House. The Jet Fuel Tax Bill still needs to pass the Senate before it’s signed into law. 

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