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Georgia governor will sign tax bill with or without Delta benefits included

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So far, Delta hasn't responded to demands from Lt. Governor Casey Cagle to reverse their decision ending NRA discounts or face tax consequences, but a sketch on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert pictures how they would put it if they did.

The sketch features flight attendants making a pre-flight announcement to passengers in which they gesture towards exits, demonstrate seat belts and also give two middle fingers to Casey Cagle.

At a press conference Wednesday, Governor Nathan Deal called for an end to discord, adding, "We were not elected to give the late night talk show hosts further fodder for their monologues."

With regret, Gov. Deal said he is committed to signing the tax bill in whatever form it takes when it reaches his desk because he doesn't want the squabble over Delta to keep regular citizens from also receiving their tax cuts.

But in a not so thinly veiled reference to his lieutenant governor, Gov. Deal said, "Sometimes you get caught up in the heat of the moment in the context of a political campaign, and people are urging you to take positions and say things that, if you really had thought about them a little longer, you might not have said, and you might not have done."

Despite the remarks that clearly refer to him, Casey Cagle responded to the announcement saying it is "a huge win for hardworking citizens who deserve tax relief now."

Now one of Cagle's challengers in the upcoming race for governor is making a serious claim. Stacey Evans thinks Cagle committed extortion when he told Delta to bring back the NRA discount, or else.

She told our cameras, "When you level threats like that and try to bully companies into your position, the Attorney General's Office should take a look at it."

Clearly, it's not the first time a politician has threatened to use their vote to get what they want, but Evans says this is different. Because Cagle is a member of the NRA, he's demanding a discount that he could personally benefit from.

The Georgia Attorney General's Office did not acknowledge Wednesday whether they are looking into anything related to this claim.

Cagle's spokesperson told CBS46 the lieutenant governor "does not have time to respond to every fringe or irrational liberal political comment."

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