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Confederate monument still stands in Decatur

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Nothing has changed six weeks after Dekalb County Commissioners approved a resolution to move a confederate monument in downtown Decatur.

Chris Morgan isn’t the only one who was clueless about the monument on the Decatur square.

"It’s a new day and age, it’s 2018.  It’s not the 1970’s, 1960’s anymore.  Racism is still alive, but it doesn’t affect me much at all.  I go to work and I go home," said resident Chris Morgan.

The monument was built in 1908, long before the town square was established around it. But now, a group known as Hate Free Decatur wants it removed.

Sara Patenaude spearheaded the movement to remove the stone pillar and Dekalb County Commissioners approved its relocation. But during the past six weeks, no one has submitted a proposal of where to place it.  

"The problem is finding a place that will actually take it," said Patenaude. "It was put here during Jim Crowe to scare and admonish black people and that’s what we object to."

Meanwhile, the Sons of Confederate Veterans has stated that moving it not only violates the law, but would lead to the destruction of our state’s heritage.

"Relocating would be allowable under the law.  So we can’t remove it and hide it away, but we can relocate it to a different publicly accessible place," said Patenaude.

"Nobody is really coming by here every day saying yeah, praising it that it’s here.  More people are coming by upset that it’s here.  So let’s just do away with it," said Morgan.

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