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A Wrinkle In Time lead actress visits DeKalb County school

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Hollywood came to Dunwoody's Chesnut Elementary school when former student and now movie star Storm Reid visited.

The actress spoke with students, donated books to the school library and promoted her new movie.

"I feel like that's very important and I am glad I get that opportunity to and just to let kids know that knowledge is important and reading is important and it can also be fun," said Reid.

Disney's version of the 1962 science fantasy novel cinematic update has been one of the most eagerly anticipated movies since it was announced that Ava Duvernay would be the director. 

To add to the female power, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling play the three celestial beings that accompany Meg and company on their mission.

"To able to work with such talented people and people that have been in this business and experienced it all was so great," said Reid.

Reid, in the role of Meg Murry, embarks on a fantastical quest through space and time to save her missing father in the upcoming film adaptation of a wrinkle in time.

"I feel that she's just a little African-American girl with curly hair and glasses just like me who saves the world without super powers with just her love and vulnerability and I'm really glad I got to play her," said Reid.

Here on earth and in Hollywood, the young actor is breaking barriers.

"That's just a feeling that's so surreal sometimes to know that they are looking at you and kind of seeing themselves in you now," said Reid.

"Representation is everything I feel like we should all be represented so we can all see all of us succeed so to be able to do that for little girls that look like me make people feel like they can be seen and should be seen and let people know that we are here and that we are here and are here to stay," said Reid.

A Wrinkle In Time comes out Friday, March 9. 

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