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Disabled veteran explains what trained service animals "look" like

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A disabled veteran who trains service dogs tells CBS46 he had an issue at a farmer's market.

Many veterans go to Jerry Lyda

"I gotta take care of these guys," said Lyda.

Through his nonprofit Veterans K9 Solutions near Augusta, he trains man's best friend to become a trained service dog. 

"A lot of disabilities you cannot see, such as PTSD," said Lyda.

Recently a trainer of his who has PTSD went into the DeKalb Farmers Market with his dog in training.

"There's laws in Georgia that say a service dog in training as long as you have a card, documentation saying that this person is an agent or a trainer of the school training service dogs, their dog is to be treated as if it were a service dog," said Lyda.

Lyda says his trainer was approached by security and after some words was asked to leave. According to him, security never asked for his papers identifying him as trainer. 

"People with PTSD, you can't get them into a situation where they feel like they're backed into a corner," Lyda.

Lyda often hears of people confronting those with service animals, due to lack of knowledge. 

"Get your phone out, explain to the people that you're about to video the last conversation you had and please repeat it again, so it will be proof," said Lyda. "I don't go into those places after I get a complaint to get them in trouble, I actually go in there to keep them out of trouble so I can educate them."

While one can't legally ask much of a person with a service dog, Lyda says there are obvious signs of a dog not being trained such as eating alongside owner at a restaurant. 

"You can pretty well tell that dog is not a service dog because he's not able to do his task if everybody's petting him."

He tells me it is unfortunate there are those who claim to have a service animal when there are those who actually need one. 

"If that dog is in a restaurant or any place and he's not behaving, it is the right of the business owner to take the dog out."

Security at the DeKalb Farmer's Market said the veteran became upset when asked about his identification as a trainer which played a role in him being asked to leave. 

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