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Former roller derby player calls foul on team's pregame activities

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Sports and politics is a combination getting a lot of attention across the country.

Ten strong women each gliding on eight wheels, barreling down the rink and crashing into each other. Roller derby isn't for the faint of heart. But now a former player is blowing the whistle and calling foul on the team's pregame activities. 

"Thats when i was just so boiling over with rage," said Sarah Youngblood.

Sarah Youngblood, derby name 12 Gauge Rage is exposing her former teammates, the Atlanta Rollergirls, for no longer playing the national anthem before matches. 

"They're patting themselves on the back and saying we're so forward thinking and saying look at us an its not its backwards thinking 100%," said Youngblood.

Youngblood says the team's decision to stop playing the national anthem came after some players kneeled during the song before a game in February. a reason the team's board members strongly deny.

"We are very proud Americans. We have women in our league that have fought for our country. we have veterans that are part of our league."

This Anna Benbrooke aka Gucci Maim...and to your left is her teammate Maisha Cerqueda...better known as queen lose-a-tee-fa. these atlanta rollergirls say the team didn't play the national anthem before that game in February because the singer canceled at the last minute.   

They go on to say that opened conversations about the anthem and now they don't plan on playing the song before future games.  

"I personally don't think its an integral part of sports. I've played sports and I don't think its adds value to me personally."

The Atlanta Rollergirls play next on St. Patricks Day and our cameras will be there. As for Youngblood, she plans on releasing her rage by playing ice hockey. 

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