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Animal remains found at local park

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Some metro Atlanta parks are being littered with animal remains and in many cases the distribution trend is being discovered by park visitors.

From the babbling brook to winding trails, the 150 acres of Cascade Springs Nature Preserves has become known as a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

"It's wonderful it's, it's quiet, it's in the middle of the city, it's a little gem," said Ronny.

But lately those looking for a glimpse of nature have gotten a lot more than they wanted 

"Was traumatized, I was like what is this..we couldn't tell because it didn't have a head what it was we just knew it was a four legged animal, we thought it may had been a big dog or a deer or sometimes," said Vonda Henry.

Vonda Henry says she immediately called park officials and when they came out to remove the dead animal. She was shocked by what she was told.

"We called the parks department and they told us it has been happening a lot at various parks around the city and they came and told us it was actually a goat," said Henry. "That was in the water with its head decapitated."

According to the parks department, there have been two discovery of religious sacrifices at Cascade Springs perseverance so far this year but they have dealt with as many as 30 sacrifices being found all at once at John A. White Park.  

Law enforcement is also looking into the matter and say those disposing dead animals could face animal cruelty charges. 

"It makes me angry it's counter to what this place is about but the animals that needs to stop that has to go else where," said Ronny.

Among the solutions being discussed is adjusting park hours so the gates will be closed when the park gets dark. 

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