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Church offers "protest training" for student walkout demonstrators

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An East Point church is offering kids advice on how to protest ahead of a nationwide walkout planned Wednesday in response to a school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

First amendment attorney, Gerald Griggs, was on hand to advise students about what to do if they find themselves in a confrontation with school administrators.

"Don't actively engage anyone physically. Just make sure that they understand you are exercising your constitutional right, you're not being disruptive. You just want school safety to be at the forefront of the conversation in Georgia," said Griggs.

He also warned against a common pitfall awaiting young protestors who find themselves involved in a large demonstration for the first time.

"Don't get too excited. You have to stay in the moment, you have to ground yourself in the moment. This is a marathon, not a sprint. So just make sure you understand you're joining a movement that spans the entire history of this country, and this is your opportunity to elevate your voice in that moment."

For students involved in a situation they think may be a violation of their rights, the phone hotline, 833-2-STUDENT, will have lawyers answering questions on the day of the walkout.

Next Generation pastor for Impact Church, Candice Wynn, vividly remembers the tragic school shooting on February 14. 

"It's a major movement," said Wynn. "Bringing what we consider some of the most brilliant minds in the city together to educate our students on how to demonstrate anything from non violent to resistance training to how to protest to the follow up after you protest."

It's a movement the church wants the students in the community to be prepared for so plan to have activists and lawyers to help the students understand their rights.

"It's happening and it's within the pulse and the heartbeat of our community and we have to tend to it. We can't ignore and if we ignore it we are not being the church," said Wynn.

Impact Church wants to make sure our youth utilize their best weapon- their voice.

"Barack Obama said in one of his speeches, 'we are who we've been waiting for' and we have been waiting for the world to change and some difference to be made and our students are the ones we've been waiting for they are the future," said Wynn.

They plan to emphasize that even though some of the students are minors so they can't vote but they want to make sure they still know they do have a voice. They can write letters and create a movement like the walkout

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