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Students at Roswell school hold walk-in on National School Walkout Day

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While thousands of students participated in a walkout Wednesday, students at a Catholic school in Roswell held a walk-in.

Students at Queen of Angels Catholic School took part in activities focused on making sure their peers feel included and appreciated. It came as students across the country walked out of their schools demanding action on gun violence.

“I heard about it on social media and I was kind of wondering what our school was going to do on that day,” said eighth grader Maddy Muir.

She and her friend Caitlin Davis spoke with their principal, Dr. Jamie Arthur.

Arthur said, “I expressed my thoughts of, instead of walking out, what if we walked in? What if we walked into an area and engaged our fellow students in conversation or made them to feel valued?”

For 17 minutes at 10 a.m., students got together to brainstorm random acts of kindness to show toward others.

They encouraged each other to reach out to someone they don’t know well, sit with somebody new at lunch, or show kindness to someone they haven’t been nice to in the past. Notes with words of kindness written by first graders were left on lockers. The focus of the day was making sure nobody felt alone.

“A lot of the shooters have been like depressed or bullied or sad and they might not feel like they fit into their school, so we’re trying to prevent that, we don’t want anyone to feel that way cause I’m sure it’s a terrible feeling,” said Muir.

“Everybody feels sad or lonely at a certain time and something so simple, just some kind words can really change a person and how they feel,” said student Mark Ruppenthal, who helped Davis and Muir spread the word of the walk-in. “We’re not for or against changing the gun laws but we’re more trying to instill positivity to all the students here.”

Davis said, “This walk-in can change, it’s making a change in our lives.”

The principal and students hope the words and ideas shared Wednesday make a lasting impression.

Arthur said, “If we can instill kindness and love and compassion then it’s just not one day, it’s every day.”

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