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Star witness reveals surprising story in Tex McIver murder trial

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Star witness Dani Jo Carter wrapped up her two-and-a-half days on the witness stand with a surprising story. Carter testified in the murder trial of Tex McIver, who shot and killed his wife, Diane McIver. He says it was an accident. 

Carter was Diane McIver’s best friend, and the driver of the vehicle she was shot in.

"Have you ever seen Diane get angry at the defendant?" asked Chief Assistant District Attorney Clint Rucker.

"Yes," replied Carter.

She told the jury about a fight the McIver's had after their godson got hurt.

"Diane was saying he was alright,” said Carter. “Tex was trying to get Diane to be quiet and they shoved each other, and Tex kind of pushed Diane out of the bedroom and closed the door."

Carter said it happened a few months before Diane’s death. She told the jury how she felt about her best friend’s husband.

"You said you were fond of him yesterday?" asked Rucker.

"Yes,” replied Carter.

"That was before the shooting?" asked Rucker.

 "Yes," replied Carter.

"Are you fond of him today?" asked Rucker.

“No,” replied Carter.

Tom Carter, Dani Jo's husband, also testified Wednesday.

"We're all good friends," said Tom Carter.

Tom Carter said after Diane died, Tex McIver called him and asked him to come to the hospital.

"He was very calm," said Tom Carter.

Days later, Tom Carter says he had several calls and voicemails from Tex McIver. The calls came after Dani Jo didn't show up to give a statement to the media, as Tex had asked her to.

The state played the jury one of those voicemails:

"Tommy Lee, it's tex. Sir, let me just be plain, Dani is about to send me to prison. Please erase this voicemail message, but call me right away. You all have no idea the problem this is causing. It's all very innocent but it's nuclear to me. Please, please call me."

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