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Holding leaders accountable in cyber attack

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Just months into her term, Mayor Bottoms' city is being held hostage.

If she's sweating it, she wasn't showing it this morning when we caught up with her.

"No," was the answer when asked if she knew when the hack threat would be over.

Later in the day, we again pressed the basic question that remains unanswered: how was this allowed to happen and who dropped the ball. Especially when the nation--and Amazon--are watching.   

When asked, "What can you say to people who say, 'how can this happen to a major American city? How can they be held hostage?'

The mayor replied, "This is something happening across the world..."

Pressed further, "Mayor I know you don't want to place blame, but were there breakdowns [in the previous administration]?

She replied, "We have not done the autopsy, if you will, right now we have an immediate threat in front of us."

She then admitted, "There are system upgrades needed in the city... and we will take the opportunity to do that."

So why are those system upgrades needed? Who failed to keep it up in the first place? Who or what is to blame? Budget cuts? Poor oversight? The last mayor?

Those questions need to eventually be answered if those responsible are to be held accountable.