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Atlanta resident shares bad experience during Freaknik

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Tuesday, CBS46 told you about one man's plans to bring back Freaknik. Now people are sharing their stories of that big block party in Atlanta during the 90's.

Jack Cowart has lived in Atlanta since 1961.

"I've seen it grow a lot, I've had a lot of opportunity with my career growth," Cowart said.

It was that career that took Cowart and his then wife into downtown Atlanta in the early 90's.

"It was either 92 or 93, my wife and I my wife at the time we're going to a formal event down Peachtree street," said Cowart.

But he says traffic suddenly stopped. 

"There's people all over the street, people were out drinking open container, saw people urinating on the sidewalk," said Cowart.

Cowart had just bought a new sports car.

"Three guys jumped on top of my car and started taunting my wife and I telling me to get and I almost opened the door but my wife grabbed my arm and said please don't do that. She started to hyperventilate she was so scared," said Cowart.

He calls it one of the worst experiences he's had.

"Unless they really control it because there was no police presence that I saw and people were just rampant and it was just wide open do whatever you want to do," said Cowart.

Davinci Barcelo wants to bring that party back to walker street. Though he's running into some issues getting a permit and community support. 

"This is happening," said Barcelo.

He says the event would help the area.

'Nothing says Atlanta like Freaknik nothing has done more for the City of Atlanta than Freaknik," said Barcelo.

Barcelo says his version will be more toned down than what Atlanta saw in the 90's. 

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