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Jurors hear evidence from GBI investigators in Tex McIver murder trial

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GBI investigator Zachary Weitzel took the stand in the Tex McIver murder trial and demonstrated to the jury how to fire the hand gun Diane McIver was shot with.

"This trigger pull is the weight it takes to fire the firearm," said Weitzel.

The gun is a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver.

"This is the scale that I use," said Weitzel.

Weitzel says the pressure it takes to pull the trigger depends on if the gun was in single or double action.

"With double action you see that the trigger is set further back so from there I would have to pull the trigger back all the way," said Weitzel

When in double action, it takes 12 pounds of pressure to fire. Single action dry fires gun But single action only takes 2 pounds of pressure.

"If a gun is in single action it's primed its ready to be fired. The only way a gun can be fired is if the trigger is pulled long enough to fire it," said Weitzel.

McIver attorneys say it's still possible to fire the gun on accident.

"If it's in single action even keys in your pocket can set it off, right?" "Yes."

Neither the state or defense has proven what action the handgun was in when fired.

"Is there a way you can test to see if the weapon was filed in single action or double action?" "No."

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