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Filing SSA disability claims

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Filing a disability claim with social security is anything but fast and easy.

"It's not uncommon for the process start to finish to take over three years."

On Thursday, we told you about the Lear family, Josh served in the marines he was denied twice for a traumatic brain injury disability claim.

Jonathan Ginsberg is a social security attorney. He says the agency doesn't always see everything in black and white.

"You have to show an extreme problem in functioning literally to the point where you can barely get out f bed in the morning and do very very little during the day," said Ginsberg. 

The Lears thought they did everything right by submitting more than 800 pages of medical documents to SSA. Ginsberg says that can be a problem in itself because that's to many documents.

"There's so many records there that somebody has to read them and social security the staff folks are so overwhelmed with work that don't have time."

Ginsberg says instead submit paperwork with key words the SSA is looking for.

"They want the docs to say this person will miss 3 or more days of work a month. this person would need to take excessive breaks from work. This person cannot lift more than 5 pounds," said Ginsberg.

He also recommends not working when applying for social security because it could be held against you.

"Because social security sees part-time work or work attempts that last longer than a couple of months as evidence that you can work. Once you are on benefits they encourage you to try to work."

In 2016 SSA received more than 2.3 million disability claims.

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