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Worker zone safety awareness

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Georgia Department of Transportation is joining other agencies across the country to recognize national work zone awareness.

Inside GDOT headquarters these construction cones have names on them like Tommy G. Hudson, Thomas H. Self, Windell Williams, Donald Barfield, and Carey Ellerbee.

"These cones here represent 60 GDOT employee who have passed since 1973 in the line of work," said GDOT spokesperson Natalie Dale.

However, that number does not include all the other lives lost in crashes in these work zones.

"70 plus percent of the people who die or are injured in work zones are motorist. So it's not just be careful for the lives of our workers, it's important that you are careful for your own life and those around you."

In 2017 there were a total of 20,834 crashes in Georgia work zones. That caused more than 7,000 injuries and 55 deaths.

"A lot of what we see are rear end collisions and roadway departures which mean typically someone isn't paying attention."

GDOT workers do their part to stay safe with special training. They also are required to wear safety gear and clothing.

But that can't save them from a driver blatantly driving through work zones like GDOT is seeing happen on the northwest corridor express lanes that are still under construction.

"We've still got workers working in those lanes. So flying down the middle of a work zone can become an incredibly hazardous situation not only for our workers but for the driver."

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