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CBS46 gets results for family living in flooded Norcross apartment

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After CBS46 aired a report regarding a family in need who was living in a flooded apartment, we finally got some results.

For nearly a month, Mar-Layna Diaz and her family have been living with a flooded apartment for more than $900 a month. When they asked to move to another apartment, Diaz said she was told it would cost her an extra $500 a month.
"Every time that they come suck up the water, like 45 minutes later it is flooded again," said Marlayna Diaz, tenant. "I don’t want to live somewhere where somebody doesn’t care or listen," said Diaz. 

Especially, when you have two young children: one seven years old and the other just four months.

"This is where my daughter is currently living and her toys that she can’t really plays with," said Diaz. "He’s had a cough and a little cold for three weeks now and the doctor said it is due to the humidity in the home.  I’ve said something to them and nothing has been done."

The Vice President of Operations at RADCO reached out to CBS46 reporter Adam Murphy Wednesday and we were told the work to repair the leak was approved and the contractor came out April 10 to work on the repair.

We were also told the management team Diaz to explain the restoration process and gave the her several options to transfer to a different unit or terminate their lease with zero penalty. She decided to terminate their contract on April 13.

Diaz will receive a deposit back in full and the company will refund the rent paid for the rest of April, since they paid for the full month.

Mike Brewer, the Vice President of Operations for RADCO Residential, issued the following statement to CBS46 reporter Adam Murphy:

The foundation leak in one of our units at Ashford 6860 is an isolated issue that our property managers are professionally repairing. It is a top priority for us to provide exceptional hands-on customer service from the moment a resident walks onto the property to the moment they move on to their next home. Per our policy, we have offered the impacted resident the opportunity to relocate or to terminate their contract with no penalties

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