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Stacey Evans says she'll bring hope and opportunity to Georgia families

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There are just 41 days until Georgia's primary election and among a host of other offices, voters will be selecting their preferred Republican or Democrat candidates for governor.

CBS46 is committed to making sure viewers have all the information citizens need to make an informed choice.

Beginning April 11 CBS46 will begin a series of profiles of the men and women running for governor starting with Stacey Evans.

"I'm running for governor to bring hope and opportunity to all Georgia families," says Evans.

Evans was born to a single teen mom. She says the Hope Scholarship played a key part in her education and she wants to see it return.

"I want to bring it back and make sure everyone has access to the opportunities they need to move forward. Access to good schools starting in pre-k, going through k-12, and making sure everyone has access to higher education that wants to go on to that level."

As a Democratic candidate for governor, she sees political movement in Washington, with Republican Paul Ryan not running for re-election as a positive for her party.

"They don't want to be part of this rhetoric that is come to dominate Republican politics. I think it's a sign of the times a sign of the strength of the mid-term blue wave that's coming."

Another thing she hopes is coming to Georgia is Amazon's second headquarters.

"That would be an amazing opportunity for the state and for the people of this state. I hope we are successful in that effort. Right now though we've got some folks on the Republican side that are trying their darnedest to tank that opportunity for us."

She says Republicans, specifically the Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, did this by going after the state largest employer, Delta. 

Evans supported a jet fuel tax relief to benefit all airlines.

"We are not being competitive in that arena and we needed to right that with some legislation. Unfortunately some rhetoric in the Republican primary got in the way of that happening. It hurts the airline industry, it hurts Delta, our largest private employer."

Another hot topic issue in our state and the country is gun control.

Evans says there is a need for reasonable gun safety measures in Georgia.

"I think we should follow the lead that was set down in Florida in raising the age to 21 to buy weapons. I think we need universal background checks. I think we need to make sure we are keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable."

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