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Easing the symptoms from high pollen counts

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The pollen count for Thursday is a little over 5300 which is the highest counts we've seen so far. But even though it's bothering people with allergies, it's not keeping them indoors.

The sniffles, itchy eyes and nose , sneezing and congestion are all familiar problems over at Atlanta Asthma and Allergy.

"It's a real problem because the pollen count is so high," said Dr. Stanley Fineman. "Right now we're seeing a lot of people with seasonal pollen allergies."

Dr. Stanley Fineman says currently the conditions for pollen are good.

"What patients should do so they don't have so many symptoms is one see an allergist so they can find out exactly they're allergic," said Fineman.

So now is also a good time to take measures to help lessen those symptoms. 

"One of the best medications that is over counter now is nasal steroid. So we're recommending nasal steroids as  a first line treatment for seasonal which is what people are experiencing," said Fineman.

Dr. Fineman also points to eye drops and doing outdoor activity in the morning.

"Ultimately allergy shots are really the best way to control somebody's sensitivity and really hep them build up a tolerance so when they're exposed to the allergen again they don't have as many symptoms."

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