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"Newnan Strong" shows hate won't define town ahead of neo-Nazi rally

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The City of Newnan is bracing for hate as the community readies for a neo-Nazi rally on Saturday.

Many in the town refuse to accept a gathering based on hate, and they’re doing something about it. Citizens in the town are fighting back.

A group called Newnan Strong organized an event for Friday night to do two things: show how many people who actually live in the city who don’t support this rally, and help nearby businesses make up some of the lost income they’ll experience when they stay closed on Saturday in anticipation of possible trouble.

The historic square is just two streets down from the rally site at Greenville Street Park, and over at that spot, a flash mob of young people have been busy all night chalking up every flat surface they can find with multicolor images of hearts and rainbows.

Their goal is to make the serious tone of this neo-Nazi event feel a little bit sillier.

“No matter how history stains Newnan tomorrow with what happens, that’s not who we are and we couldn’t sit by and not make a stand on that,” said Derek Reide.

“That’s what this whole thing is about,” said Gracie Coyne. “We’re trying to let them know that they can’t bring us down.”

The rally begins at 3 p.m.

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