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CBS46 takes on SSA after accounting error costs disabled woman hundreds of thousands

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CBS46 investigators are taking on the Social Security Administration to resolve an accounting error that's costing an elderly disabled teacher hundreds of thousands of dollars.

CBS46 anchor Shon Gables has been dealing with the agency. After fourteen years with no problems, the agency admits it made a mistake and they want her to pay them back to the tune of almost a quarter million dollars, and 63 year old Jamella Hall doesn't have it.

Hall is physically unable to work and she's completely stressed out. She says if she doesn't get help, she'll die from the stress.

"I shouldn't have to do this at age 63 when I've worked all my life," Hall told CBS 46 News. "This was my money that I worked for that they deducted from my salary each month."

Documents show the Social Security Administration determined in 1998 that Hall qualified for disability benefits, which never exceeded $1,600 a month. But in September of 2017, after 14 years with no problems, the agency notified Hall she should have been paid $215,000 less and the agency would be taking back $436 dollars a month for 493 months. That's 41 years.

Stacks of documentation highlight Hall's paper trail confirming her disability, her Social Security benefits and now her dispute of withholdings. Records show Hall was given 60 days to request an appeal. But one year later, she's still waiting and the disabled former teacher's monthly benefits have diminished to $1. Her sister, who's been footing the bills, says they're almost bankrupt.

"It's like pulling the rug under her, continuing to make her suffer and to blame the victim and it's not right and it's not fair," says sister Marilyn Hagan.

Hall's case is rare but it's not an anomaly. The Social Security Administration does make mistakes but getting the organization to acknowledge an error and then fix it has been a carousel of automated operators...

Desperate for help, CBS46 investigators called Georgia congressman John Lewis.

After repeated efforts to get answers, the giant agency's regional communications director declined to comment stating privacy laws. But the director did apologize for the inconvenience to Hall and stated her issue would be addressed.

One week later, Hall was told her payments would be resumed.

"I need to tell people God answer's prayers," says Hall. "CBS46 came to my house and let me tell you, what you did, I just know God is real."

CBS46 checked and the Social Security Administration admits if a beneficiary disagrees with its benefits, you can always request an appeal or even request the agency waive and not collect an over payment.

Click here for more information on how to handle disputes.

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