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DeKalb Co. NAACP calls for changes at Stone Mountain

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One historic civil rights group is pushing for the removal of all confederate markers. 

The DeKalb County NAACP has a list of recommendations they'd like to see at Stone Mountain Park.

“Nothing should be related to confederacy that the public has to deal with,” said Dekalb County NAACP president Teresa Hardy.

There is a lot of history at Stone Mountain Park but it’s not all good. The mountain is considered the birthplace of the modern Ku Klux Klan. 

A quick glance around the park and you’ll notice numerous references to the confederacy. As a result, the Dekalb County NAACP is asking the georgia general assembly to:

  • Cease all reference to Stone Mountain Park as a memorial to the confederacy
  • Modify the historic square so that it does not refer to a plantation
  • Remove all antebellum references and symbols at the park
  • Change the names of all the streets named for confederates

“Atlanta has already started to remove their confederate signs and we’re just following that same pattern here in Dekalb,” Hardy said.

However, changing or getting rid of anything at the park could prove difficult.

“Any of the proposals that the Dekalb NAACP is making would have to go through the state legislature,” said John Bankhead, spokesperson for the Stone Mountain Memorial Association. “Those are subtractions so it would require changing the state law. We can make additions at the park and there are some proposals for those but as far as subtractions or taking anything away or making changes, it would require a change in the state law.”

Still, the Dekalb County NAACP believes it will have better luck asking lawmakers to make the smaller changes, before they tackle the giant confederate carving on the side of the mountain.

“We will be meeting with the Georgia General Assembly as well as the CEO,” said Hardy. “The CEO is actually one of the appointees on the Stone Mountain Memorial so we will be having discussions on how we can make something happen.”

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