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Hate groups joining forces

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They've got a new flag, new script, new branding but not enough new members.

That's why hate groups like the National Socialist Movement are always looking for new alliances to at least give the appearance of having an impact. 

"We have today the vanguard of the white race standing here today you have the National Socialist Movement you've got the league of the south our brother from the nationalist front," said Commander Jeff Schoep.

The group's rally in Newnan was less than half the size of their rally in Rome two years ago.

In fact the media and the counter-protesters outnumbered the white supremacists 10 to 1, and the hate groups appreciated that.

"If nothing else, by proxy they're helping us promote our message even further."

But the Anti-Defamation League says the coverage also fueled the counter protest.

"The town of Newnan a very small town there was not one, not two, not three but four significant counter unity demonstrations this weekend people coming together and being very proactive and energetic saying this is not who we are this is not Newnan."

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