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Growing outrage after big bonuses from former Atlanta mayor revealed

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There is growing outrage after it was revealed that former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed gave out half-a-million dollars in bonuses just before he left office. The outrage over Reed's big spending grew Wednesday as those who were left out of the big payout expressed shock and anger.

But Reed's spokesman told The Bulldog it was all justified.

Of course, those few who got the bonuses are surely not upset, but other employees and their unions -- who were told their bonus requests were being denied due to a lack of funds -- were shocked to find out it was a lie.

Just days before Reed left office, he showered a few favorites with half a million in bonuses, some getting tens of thousands for doing...well, their job. 

It has the head of the police union fuming, as his hard-working officers were promised bonuses, but were denied at the same time Reed was holding a payout party.

The head of the police union said, "My officers can prove they deserve it, day-to-day, taking the chance of getting hurt or killed, and keeping the citizens safe, of course, they could have used it." 

The Atlanta City Council was also left in the dark, raising not only ethical, but legal questions.

Reed, who is apparently afraid to answer our questions on camera, opted for a statement from a spokesperson that read, in part:

"At the end of Reed's term, the city of Atlanta was on its best financial footing in 40 years...These bonuses were appropriate and Mayor Reed believes that the individuals who received them were worthy of them." 

The mayor went on to claim he left office with a balanced budget and more than $200 million in cash reserves, as further justification.

That may be, but The Bulldog Team did some digging through city financial reports and found six major city departments projecting they will blow their budgets for the fiscal year ending next month.

So clearly, much of City Hall is still hurting financially.

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