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Homeowners plagued by flooding concerns

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A DeKalb County neighborhood hit hard by flooding is determined to find a permanent solution to the ongoing problem some homeowners blame on local beavers.

Homeowners like Dave Snow and David Jackson, who live next to Twin Brothers Lake, say they're dealing with a big dam problem.

"Every time the dam is busted through the beavers rebuild the dam and then this area again floods."

The dams are clogging a nearby creek, and have caused so much flooding four houses needed to be removed.

Jackson believe the solution starts by getting rid of the beavers for good.

"With the beavers still being here at some point this will again flood."

But not all neighbors agree.

Fred Syre believe the beavers are valuable to the ecosystem located outside his backyard.

"I think the beavers are part of the natural transition back into a wild area," says Syre.

What he wants is a plan to preserve the area and the money to implement it.

The city says they are allocating $10,000 to fix the problem starting July 1.

For the next two months the city will look at all kings of plans and see which one works best for the community. 

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