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Atlanta-based contractor hired by FEMA has history of failed contracts

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An Atlanta businesswoman was awarded a nearly $156,000,000 dollar contract last fall to provide 30 million meals to hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico. But delivered fewer than 50,000 meals, before the contract was canceled.

To say Tiffany Brown under-delivered is an understatement. Who's fault that is though---is up for debate.

"My biggest regret was the people of Puerto Rico did not get the food," she said in an interview with CBS News.

She admitted mistakes.

"Not asking for more more help on this project."

But why she accepted it in the first place, and why the US government thought she was qualified, remains unanswered.

The Bulldog investigative team spent months digging into Brown's past, and her contract with FEMA.

Among our findings:

Brown's bid was approved in just days.

Brown's company previously had multiple government contracts terminated.

We uncovered 17 previous contracts with the Federal Bureau of Prisons alone. 15 of which were canceled. Her job of providing mass food production---an apparent failure.

Major red flags, FEMA seems to have missed or ignored in their hasty bid process.

FEMA told us in a statement:

"This contract was terminated in October, three weeks after it began.... when it became clear the vendor couldn't meet requirements, we terminated the contract."

Brown was paid $225,000 for those 50,000 meals, which arrived un-usable.

US Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett is on the House oversight committee.

"If they didn't have the capacity to fulfill $50,000 dollar contracts, then how could they have been prepared to do a $156 million dollar contract with a one person operation?

We had our own questions for Brown. And made every attempt to speak with her. But she is hard to find.

Her company, goes by the name, "Tribute Contracting".

On her website, one that appears to promote a career in beauty and fashion, we called every number and wrote every email address listed, and got no response.   

We visited the home address listed on business records, but was told she did not live there.

On her website, Brown calls her company a 'minority owned government consulting firm'.

Ironically, Brown claims to have worked once for the United States Government Accountability Office.

Finding accountability here, remains open ended.

Update 5/2/2018

The morning after this story originally aired, Brown reached out to us by email and said our emailed attempts at contact went to a 'spam' folder. She said she had no further comment, due to pending litigation.

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