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Police warn not to "block the box"

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The intersection near I-85 south and Clairmont Road is a traffic nightmare for many drivers.

“I guess it being so close to 85, people coming on and coming off, it gets more congested,” said Timothy Sanders, who works in the area.

The proximity to the interstate, nearby restaurants, office buildings and apartment complexes all contribute to the congestion. And Brookhaven Police believe another factor is creating even more gridlock.

“A lot of the accidents that we work in that area are attributed to the increased traffic calls by blocking intersections,” said Major Brandon Gurley.

Brookhaven Police say drivers continue to block the box, meaning they're stopping in the middle of intersections.

“When we're impatient and we try to beat red lights and we block intersections, we increase the risk of accidents,” Gurley said.

Brookhaven Police recently completed a block the box detail near I-85 and Clairmont Road. In just 80 minutes during the evening rush hour, more than 50 tickets and warnings were given out.

But what exactly is blocking the box?

“I haven't heard that but i guess it’s when they block the middle of the street where the lights are and nobody can come out or come in,” said Sanders.

Gurley said anything beyond the solid white stop line is considered the box. And the fine for blocking the box in Brookhaven is steep. It's a $178 dollar ticket but police insist their detail wasn't just a ploy to make money.

“We're trying to get people to follow the rules with increased enforcement,” Gurley said. “without repercussions, sometimes rules can be ignored.”

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