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Repairs to Lavista Road expected to be complete by Friday after water main break

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Some DeKalb County homeowners woke up to an unnerving sight, an intense rush of water across their properties that did not stop for hours.

County crews finished repairs but it took them about five hours to figure out which pipe was broken, and to get the water to stop gushing.

The rushing water is what Canan Dilek and her family woke up to on LaVista Road.

"It's terrible, it's frustrating," says Dilek.

Needless to say, they weren't getting out of their driveway for work.

"I tried to explain but my manager could not picture it. So, I sent him a photo just to be able to see what's going on."

One picture is all that's needed to understand the scope of the damage from a water main break.

Dilek's driveway buckled and crumbled.

"I'm mostly concerned about my neighbor cause all the water is just running through his property."

For five hours after the county was notified, the water ran through the family's front yard and into the back.

Interim Director of Watershed Management Reginald Wells tells CBS46 they were focusing on the wrong line at first.

"We lost some valuable time, however, you make the best decision based on what you're seeing at the site," says Wells.

They eventually discovered the break was in a 16-inch main, but still did not know what caused it. 

"Once we remove that damaged portion we'll do analysis to see but it is a line that was installed in '66 so it does have some age."

The county helped out homeowners by putting down stone so they could drive off their property.

Crews completed the repairs to the break at around 10 p.m. They're still restoring pavement along Lavista Road, which isn't expected to be complete until Friday afternoon. Traffic on the roadway has been reduced from five lanes down to three. Sidewalk and curbing is scheduled to be complete next week.

Customers may notice slightly discolored water due to current work being completed. Residents are encouraged to allow the faucet to run until the water runs clear.

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