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Courtland Street bridge under construction for the next 6 months

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Contractors have already started tearing down the Courtland Street bridge. Drivers in the area will face detours for the next 180 days.

"I wish we would have got prior notice way back there cause this is a real inconvenience but I guess it's for the betterment. I hope so," a driver said.

Thousands of Georgia State University students, and other walkers, will also have to find another way around.

With wider sidewalks and better bus lanes, the construction should make things a lot easier. Normally a bridge rebuilding project like this would take two years. However, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is using accelerated bridge construction methods to cut the time down to six months.

Natalie Dale, a GDOT spokesperson say, they have been building the columns underneath the structure. Construction workers are removing the decking and replacing the decking on the top of the columns. Concrete mixes that cure faster will also be used. This is the same mixture that was used during the I-85 collapse emergency repair.

Some drivers say they have concerns about the project finishing so quickly. However, GDOT says accelerated methods meet all federal and state regulations. 

"It does not diminish the safety or the integrity of the bridge at all. It's just a way of having more innovation in how you set up the timeline of building," says Dale.

"You get what you pay for,” a driver says. “Now I don't mind expediting things but will that be effective or are we cutting costs?"

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