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Bird scooters dropped off in Atlanta

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Bird Electric Scooters are now available in midtown, tech square, downtown and on the west end. Atlanta is the first city in the southeast with the scooters.

Reporter Ashley Thompson went to check them out. 

“I already put my credit card information into the app,” she said. “It’s one dollar to get started and 15 cents per minute.”

The scooters were dropped off last Thursday and can be accessed on your phone by downloading the Bird app.

“The rental agreement states that a helmet is required,” Ashley read. “One rider per Bird, don’t ride downhill, obey all traffic laws, ride at your own risk and you have to verify that you are at least 18 years old. Hit I agree and now I can scan the bird to unlock it.”

The company says the scooters are great for “short last-mile trips too long to walk but too short to drive."

Birds are calibrated to go a maximum of 15 miles per hour and they last about 15 miles on one charge.

The scooters have been here for less than a week, but they’re already a popular way to get around.

“This is awesome,” said one rider. “I mean it’s very convenient, very easy to use.”

“A lot of people at my job use them,” said another. “They just dropped them off randomly.”

But the scooters are not without controversy. The biggest complaint is that there’s no set place to put them when you’re finished riding.

“At the end of a ride, Birds are parked out of the way of public pathways and at bike racks when available,” Ashley read. “But obviously we found this one right here in midtown on a sidewalk.”

Bird also tells its riders not to ride on sidewalks, but we caught people in violation of that.

Some cities are fighting against Bird. The city of Santa Monica filed a criminal case against the company when a scooter was left in the way of a wheelchair on a sidewalk. San Francisco is also considering taking legal action against Bird.

Around 8 p.m. each day, bird picks up the scooters to recharge them. They’re distributed the next morning to a nest, described as private property conveniently located for riders.

CBS46 did ask those with the City of Atlanta if they know about the new scooters and if they’re being monitored or regulated. We’re waiting to here back.

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