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Residents shocked after hate speech propaganda litters their Metro Atlanta neighborhood

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People living in one Atlanta neighborhood woke up to more than just the morning paper on their lawns. What they call hate speech propaganda was tossed on their yards, and some stickers were also put on yard signs.

The propaganda was found in the Lake Claire neighborhood. Residents describe the neighborhood as diverse and loving.

"Overall it's a very laid-back neighborhood where everyone knows their neighbor," resident David Clark said.

A plastic baggie was found on Tuesday from a group called Patriot Front. The bag had flyers in it saying, “Keep America American” and “Report Illegal Aliens, They Are Criminals.”

"It's very surprising,” Clark said. “It's sad."

The group's website has images of signs that say, “Send them back,” “Reclaim America” and others of men holding torches. The Anti-Defamation League lists the group as a white supremacist group.

"You just don't really see that kind of conversation in this neighborhood from people," Clark said. "I'd feel sad if somebody lived here and they were doing that. You'd think they'd just move. They're not going to change it."

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