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Campbellton residents growing concerned over crime increase

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People and business owners in the Campbellton Road area are fed up with crime, and they tell CBS46 they are not getting a lot of help from Atlanta City Officials.

A group recently came together for a community restoration meeting to talk about crime concerns, but just one day after that meeting, a shooting took place and shows crime is not slowing down in the area.

"You never know when they are going to start shooting," says resident Mary Moreland.

She lives in the Campbellton Road area and she says she's in constant fear for her safety.

"Lately it's been a lot of shooting and killing and raping, and robbing and something needs to be done."

In an effort to solve the problem, residents got together Tuesday for what they called a community restoration meeting.

The goal was to address safety concerns and appeal to the city for help.

"We know that crime is going to be but we don't know what to do without the city's support with some redevelopment," says Pastor Timothy Flemming, Sr.

Flemming says for years the area has been in need of increased police patrol as well as other basic necessities like street lights.

In addition, Flemming says the area is lacking other resources like grocery stores and code enforcement, all of which is dependent on the city.

"We've all heard promises. The community of Capbellton Road are getting frustrated with promises that's never kept."

He adds that the mayor and other council members did not show up to the meeting, making residents feel further isolated.

"We're being overlooked. They feel like they are not heard. The feel like they're being ignored and they want answers as to why all of this is happening."

As for the shooting, no one was hurt.

Officers did find nine shell casing and a car that had been shot at several times.

They say the suspect was wearing a skeleton ski mask and left the scene in a white Cadillac Escalade.

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