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Servers mining cryptocurrency stolen from gubernatorial candidate's headquarters

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There was a huge theft in Hall County of more than a quarter-million dollars worth of computer equipment. All of it belonged to a Republican candidate for governor and was in the process of making him money.

Was it political sabotage 13 days before the election? Or someone who knows the ins and outs of cryptocurrency?

The campaign doesn’t think the servers were stolen at random. Outside of the building, there are no signs indicating it’s Michael Williams' campaign headquarters, and there certainly is no indication the money-making machines were in the basement.

“They were just lined from top to bottom with the servers…what you see left is just the power outlets,” said Seth Weathers, who is the spokesman for Williams’ campaign.

Only CBS46 got a look inside the garage what little was left.

The stolen servers were mining cryptocurrency, bringing in money with every transaction.

“If you run a credit card at Kroger to check out, their merchant account process that credit card, and so in essence, these servers process bitcoin payments and other cryptocurrency payments,” said Weathers.

The price tag of the stolen machines is $300,000.

“That's like stealing a house…they evidentially backed up a truck, or some sort of vehicle from what GBI is telling us, backed it into the actual bay and loaded everything up and was out,” said Weathers.

Investigators with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation were called in to assist the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

Weathers says many of the normal campaign volunteers stayed away from the office Wednesday to give the GBI space. 

He says the theft could be politically motivated.

“With all the crazy shenanigans that go on in politics, who knows?” said Weathers.

Or, it could have been perpetrated by someone who knows a lot about cryptocurrency servers.

“If someone was able to watch the power grid, they would be able to see that there was a significant amount being used here,” said Weathers.

As for the candidate, he hasn't even been to the office since the theft. He is traveling across the state campaigning but will be there Thursday.

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